• November – the month of the fight against addiction
    The lecture by Red Cross volunteers, Lana Čonić (III3), Aleksandra Mršić (III1) and Sofija Čupić (III3) with the support of Helena Đonin (III2), was organized for first and second grade students, on two occasions on 22.11. and 24.11. The theme: November – the month of the fight against addiction. According to the International and National … Continue reading “November – the month of the fight against addiction”
  • Sports competitions
    At the municipal basketball competition, held today, November 29, in the hall of the Chemical and Medical School in Vršac, our students won first place: men’s and women’s teams, as well as both our teams in 3×3 basketballThe following performed for the school:Men’s team:Marko Savić (IV1), Zoran Tešović (IV3), Manuel Olar (IV2), Stevan Bajić (III4), … Continue reading “Sports competitions”
  • Active weekend
    Students of our school on Vršački breg with professors Sanja Milenković and Danka Višnjić. Saturday, November 25. The beginning of the walking tour was at Millennium. The walk included a tour of the destinations: Turka glava and Đakov vrh. Actively spent 3.5 hours walking. Well done!
  • International Day of Tolerance
    Under the slogan “Equality is our pride and responsibility”, high school students from Vršac, for the first time, all together, celebrated the International Day of Tolerance on November 16, in all high schools of the town of Vršac. The Union of Parliamentarians of Secondary School Students of our city designed the “Path of Tolerance”, a … Continue reading “International Day of Tolerance”
  • Diversity in our class
    In cooperation with the Vršac Red Cross, November 16 – the International Day of Tolerance – was celebrated in our school. The lecture was delivered by Red Cross volunteer Ivan Zavišin and student of the School of Chemistry and Medicine, Jovana Stamenković, with the support of Red Cross secretary Suzana Cvetanović. The class II4 attended … Continue reading “Diversity in our class”
  • Municipal competition in volleyball
    The municipal volleyball competition was held on Monday, November 20 in Vršac. Both our teams won first place: Women’s team consisting of: Katarina Nikolić (I2), Jovana Medić (I2), Anja Kojić (I2), Isidora Pronić (I2), Ema Lolić (I1), Sara Momirov (II2), Maša Antonijević (II3), Ksenija Smoljan ( II4), Anja Popov (IV4), Sara Kojić (IV3), Ivana Bogavac … Continue reading “Municipal competition in volleyball”
  • District competition in table tennis
    At the District Competition held on November 16 in Alibunar, they won the first places – women’s team: Marina Pinku (IV5) and Teodora Gojkov (II2) men’s team: Stefan Radonjić (I2) and Marius Điban (II2) individual: Stefan Radonjić (I2) !!! Everyone made it to the national competition! Congratulations to the students and their mentor Eudžen Chebzan!!!
  • Youth Choir Festival
    On November 13 and 14, the 5th Youth Choir Festival was held in Novi Sad. The festival gathered as many as 450 students from all over Serbia – lovers of choral singing. Among the participants were 16 high school students from Vršac, led by prof. Marina Klisko: Mihailo Simin (IV4), Arsenije Knežević (II1), Janko Božić … Continue reading “Youth Choir Festival”
  • District shooting competition
    The district shooting competition was held in Pančevo on November 14. Our Milica Beljin (III4) won IV place in the air rifle category. Congratulations to Milica and her mentor prof. To Euđen Chebzan!
  • World Science Day
    On the occasion of the World Science Day, the students of classes I1 and I3, together with professors Daniela Mareš Đilas and Olivera Nišević, attended the opening of the photo exhibition “DNA Reflection” by Subotica author Kečkeš Albert on Friday, November 10. The organizer of the exhibition is the Vršac Cultural Center in cooperation with … Continue reading “World Science Day”
  • Nature at the touch
    Nature at the touchStudents of class II4, accompanied by professor Jasna Vulku, attended the opening of the exhibition “Nature at the touch” of the Natural History Museum of Montenegro. The exhibition was opened on November 10 in the “Concordia” hall of the Vršac City Museum. The exhibition consists of models as faithful replicas of animal … Continue reading “Nature at the touch”
  • Book Fair
    On October 25 and 26, students and professors of our school visited the 66th International Belgrade Book Fair. 279 students and 32 professors had the opportunity to visit this regionally largest manifestation dedicated to the book, which deals with the promotion of literary creativity and education, cultural exchange with foreign countries and the initiation of … Continue reading “Book Fair”
  • World Food Day
    Our school celebrated World Food Day on October 16, which, among other things, is dedicated to raising awareness about healthy food. In recent times, education about healthy eating and about which food is good and which is harmful for our body has increased. Accordingly, our students designed and implemented a program dedicated to this area. … Continue reading “World Food Day”
  • European Day Against Trafficking in Human Beings
    In cooperation with the Vršac Red Cross, our school celebrated October 18, the European Day against Human Trafficking. The lecture was delivered by Red Cross volunteer Davor Gašparević, and was attended by classes II3 and III2. The story was completed with the workshop “What if – if it were” and answering questions that are current … Continue reading “European Day Against Trafficking in Human Beings”
  • Visit of the Student Union
    During the last week, the Union of Students from Vršac came to visit us. President Anita Kiš and her colleague Dragana presented this organization, emphasizing the following: The Vršac Student Union is a youth organization, it has been a friend of our city for many years, and it recently celebrated its jubilee 10th birthday! She … Continue reading “Visit of the Student Union”
  • Vršac theater autumn
    As part of the Language, Media and Culture course, first-year students watched the play “Murder in the Orient Express”, which was performed on October 9 as part of the “Vršac Theater Autumn” festival. The piece based on Agatha Christie’s famous work was performed on the big stage of the National Theater “Sterija” by the theater … Continue reading “Vršac theater autumn”
  • Motivational and educational camp of the Red Cross
    The participants from our school at this year’s autumn motivational and educational camp of the Red Cross (held from October 5 to 7) were: Luka Bućinac, Marko Sekulić, Jovan Tomašević, Predrag Popović (all from I1), Elena Babić, Marta Živojnov, Marija Radak (from II3), Ivana Milošev (II4), Jelena Ilić (II4), Dario Janeš (II5) and Nathanael Pasula … Continue reading “Motivational and educational camp of the Red Cross”
  • District archery competition
    The district archery competition was held on October 3 in Uljma. Our Milica Beljin (III4) took first place in the air rifle category! With that placement, she secured passage to the district level of the competition. The boys were second in the team and performed in the composition of: Jovan Rudnjanin, Ognjen Pavlovski and Lazar … Continue reading “District archery competition”
  • “Techniques for overcoming stressful situations”
    On the occasion of Children’s Week on October 4 in the large amphitheater of the Gymnasium “Borislav Petrov Braca”, a forum was organized on the topic “Techniques for overcoming stressful situations”. In front of the Center for Social Work from Vršac and the Counseling Center for Youth, the lecturers were Mirjana Knežević, special pedagogue, spec. … Continue reading ““Techniques for overcoming stressful situations””
  • World Animal Protection Day
    As part of Children’s Week, October 4, the World Animal Protection Day, was marked in our school. It is dedicated to animal rights and the preservation of animal biodiversity. On this occasion, students of class I-1 in cooperation with students of I-3 marked the mentioned day in a suitable way. Lectures and activities were prepared … Continue reading “World Animal Protection Day”
  • Exhibition “Life in a Fort in Medieval Banat”
    On September 30, first-year students attending the Language, Media and Culture course visited Vršačka Tower and the first permanent exhibition inside it, which was installed on July 3 of this year, with their teacher Lidija Kampfer. The exhibition “Life in a fortress in medieval Banat” authentically shows how life inside those stone walls took place … Continue reading “Exhibition “Life in a Fort in Medieval Banat””
  • The day of the liberation of the city of Vršac in the Second World War
    On the occasion of October 2nd, the Day of Liberation of the City of Vršac in the Second World War, wreaths were laid on the Memorial Ossuary to the liberators at the City Cemetery in Vršac. Representatives of our school, among others, bowed to the shadows of the 421st liberator, who rested in the land … Continue reading “The day of the liberation of the city of Vršac in the Second World War”
  • Graduation excursion “Classical Greece”
    Under the name “Classical Greece”, in the period from September 21 to 28, 2023, a graduation excursion was successfully realized! Numerous cultural and historical sites of ancient Greece were visited, as well as signs of a more recent date. The students were accommodated in the towns of Paralia and Loutraki, and visited Meteora, Athens, the … Continue reading “Graduation excursion “Classical Greece””
  • Seminar for the Children’s Council
    The students of our school, Ana Čengeri (II4) and Andrej Bilić (III1), in the period from September 18 to 20, participated in the first working meeting organized by the Provincial Protector of Citizens – Ombudsman. At the same time, a seminar on children’s rights was organized for members of the Children’s Council. All of the … Continue reading “Seminar for the Children’s Council”
  • Scholarships for exceptionally gifted students
    In addition to regular scholarships, in the system of student standards there is a tradition of awarding scholarships for exceptionally gifted students financed by the Ministry of Education. How to get a scholarship for exceptionally gifted students: https://prosveta.gov.rs/skolski-i-studentski-zivot/stipendije/stipendije-za-izuzetno-nadarene-ucenike-i-studente/ All detailed information can be found at the previously mentioned link.