• St. Cyril and Methodius School Glory
    Happy school day St. Cyril and Methodius Today, the Serbian Orthodox Church and believers celebrate the memory of Cyril and Methodius, who are responsible for spreading literacy among the Slavic peoples. Today is also the national holiday Day of Slavic Literacy and Culture.
  • ENROLLMENT 2024/2025
    Department for students with special abilities for sports Registration of students and submission of sports documentation for enrollment in the department for students with special abilities for sports will take place in the period from June 6 to 8 (Thursday-Saturday), from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Gymnasium “Borislav Petrov Braca” Vršac, Mihajla Pupina … Continue reading “ENROLLMENT 2024/2025”
  • Cross Country “Through Serbia”
    The students of our school took part in the 34th RTS Cross Country “Across Serbia”! This sports event took place on May 17 at 10 a.m., and students and preschoolers from 1800 schools and 170 kindergartens ran at the same time!The main motto of this event is: “Sports and school – yes, strays, streets, violence … Continue reading “Cross Country “Through Serbia””
  • Memorial of Dimitrija Ardelean
    On May 10, in cooperation with the Society for the Romanian Language of Vojvodina, an art workshop dedicated to the “Memorial Dimitrije Ardelean” event was organized in our school.The aim of the memorial is to preserve the memory of the image and work of the respected academic painter Dimitrije Ardelean, a former professor of fine … Continue reading “Memorial of Dimitrija Ardelean”
  • Art competition
    At this year’s Competition for Art Manifestations of Children and Youth “Paja Jovanović Award”, the students of our school achieved exceptional results:Tara Marković (I4) – 1st prizeSara Bugarski (I1) – 2nd prizeKatarina Ivanovski (II1) won the KC Vršac award, Nadja Danjko (IV2) and Milica Rajkov (II3) were commended.Their mentor was Ivana Milošević, prof.Congratulations!
  • Sports fair
    This year, our school participated in the Vršac Sports Fair, better known as the Small Sports Fair and the League of Small Champions. The fair was held on May 14, on the Square of St. Teodor Vršački, for the 13th time in a row. The school was promoted by the students of the class with … Continue reading “Sports fair”
  • Tribune on “Human and Minority Rights and Freedoms”
    On the occasion of International Roma Day, on April 9, our school held a forum on the topic “Human and minority rights and freedoms”.Sanja Stanković, senior advisor of the office of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, and Dr. Marinel Negru, head of the education department at the National Council of Romanians, took part … Continue reading “Tribune on “Human and Minority Rights and Freedoms””
  • “Week of Remembrance and Unity”
    Activity from May 10 – art workshops on the topic of tolerance, empathy, peace and togetherness. Joint works of our students from all classes! Thanks to everyone who contributed to this week’s celebration!
  • Week of Remembrance and Community II
    “Week of Remembrance and Unity” Activity from May 9 – humanitarian concert in the school’s large amphitheater. Thank you to our soloists and everyone who wholeheartedly supported them!
  • A week of remembrance and togetherness
    The school marked the “Week of Remembrance and Unity” with activities from May 7-10. One year since we said goodbye to the victims at the “Vladislav Ribnikar” Model Elementary School in Belgrade, Dubona and Mali Orašje, we express our respect for the lives tragically cut short, through fostering a culture of remembrance, togetherness and harmony. … Continue reading “A week of remembrance and togetherness”
  • State competition in history
    At the National History Competition, held on May 12 in Pirot, Sara Kojić (IV3) took second place! Congratulations to our Sara! Her mentor was prof. Neven Daničić! Aleksandra Chebzan Zeman (IV5) and Anđela Pavlov (III4), mentors, Danijela Barba and Slobodan Lauš participated in the competition! Well done!
  • Interdistrict competition in athletics
    At the inter-district competition in athletics held in Novi Sad on May 10, Sara Milenković (III3), in the 800m discipline, took 4th place. Danilo Pečeničić (I2), in the 1000m event, also took 4th place. Congratulations! The mentor for the students was prof. Radmila Mandic!
  • District competition in athletics
    The district competition in athletics was held on Tuesday, April 23, at the City Stadium in Vršac.The results of our students are as follows:Vladimir Radin (II5) 400m – 3rd placeAnja Rakić (III4) long jump – 2nd placeSara Momirov (II2) shot put – 2nd placeWomen’s relay 4X100m – 2nd placeDanilo Pečeničić 1000m – 2nd placeSara Milenkovic … Continue reading “District competition in athletics”
  • Ecological action
    As part of the Earth Day activities, an environmental action was held on Vršački Breg.The cleaning of the hill was organized by the students of class III1 together with their teacher Momir Ristanić. Well done!
  • Vojvodina judo championship
    Vuk Ožegović (III4) and Božidar Ćosić (III4) performed at the Vojvodina School Judo Championship from our school.Vuk won 2nd place and qualified for the School Olympiad, which will be held at the end of May! Congratulations!
  • “Spring is Eminescu”
    On April 21, the Third Traditional International Festival was held in Lokva under the slogan “Spring is Eminescu”.The following awards were won:In the recital category:Stefan Seratlić (II5) – 1st placeEsther Tycoon Teleaga (I5) – 1st placeKristina Caran (I5) – 2nd placeSara Djan (I5) – commendation.In the vocal category:Esther Tycoon Teleaga (I5) – 1st place!Mentor: prof. … Continue reading ““Spring is Eminescu””
  • State competition in mathematics
    The national mathematics competition was held on Saturday, April 20 in Novi Pazar.We were represented at the competition by our most successful student, Jana Kesić, for whom this was the fifth national competition this year.She brought praise from the competition, making us very proud of all her results this year: physics, republican – second place, … Continue reading “State competition in mathematics”
  • Literary Olympiad
    The national competition “Literary Olympiad” was held on Sunday, April 21, at the Philological High School in Sremski Karlovci. Our students achieved the following results: Jana Kesić (II1) 4th place, (17/20) mentor Olivera Pantović, prof. Vuk Peđa Lovrić (I2) 6th place (15/20) mentor Ljupka Grgin, prof. Maša Trbojević (I4) 7th place (14/20) mentor Ljupka Grgin, … Continue reading “Literary Olympiad”
  • Municipal competition in athletics
    The municipal competition in athletics was held on April 16 at the City Stadium in Vršac.Our students achieved the following ranking: Stevan Bajić (III4) – 100m first place, Mina Mitrović (II2) – 100m first place, Vladimir Radin (II5) – 400m first place, Jovana Sekulić (I2) – 400m first place, Sara Milenković ( III3)- 800m first … Continue reading “Municipal competition in athletics”
  • District competition in biology
    The district biology competition was held on Sunday, April 21, at the Agricultural School in Vršac.The results of our students are as follows: Tijana Zimonja (II1) second place, Anđela Vukša (IV1) second place and Jana Jovicin (IV4) third place. The students achieved placement in the national competition. Mentors, professors: Marija Ćirić and Tatjana Miletić.Participants: Jakov … Continue reading “District competition in biology”
  • District competition in history
    At the District History Competition held on 14.4. in Pancevo, our students achieved the following success:
  • Republic competition in English
    Our students Tijana Zimonja and Tara Eror (II1) won second place at the National English Language Competition held today, April 14, at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. Mentor prof. Maja Trnjanchev!The following also participated in the competition: Jana Kesić (II1), Ksenia Vanesa Srbu (I5) and Ivan Rankov (I3). Mentors, professors Maja Trnjančev and Sanja … Continue reading “Republic competition in English”
  • Republic competition in the German language
    Student Jana Kesić (II1) won third place at the Republic Competition for German as a Second Foreign Language!The competition was held on April 13 at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. Congratulations to Jana and her mentor, professor Jasna Vulko!
  • What do you know about health?
    At the competition “What do you know about health?” which was held on April 5 in the organization of the Red Cross Vršac, our student Ilija Janoši (II1) took second place! Congratulations!
  • State competition in physics
    At the 60th National Physics Competition held on 6-7 in April at the Mathematics High School in Belgrade, our students achieved the following results:Jana Kesić (II1) – II prize;Nikola Sokolović (I1) – III prize;Tijana Zimonja (II1) – commendation.Vojin Čanković (II1) also participated in the competition.Mentors for students were professors: Konstantin Vidaković and Anđela Spasić.Congratulations!