• International Day of Children with Cancer
    Last week, February 15, the International Day of Children with Cancer, was celebrated in our school. The students played a football tournament, and all contributions collected on this date will be paid for humanitarian purposes. Thank you to everyone who participated, donated and cheered, especially thanks to students IV5 Štefan and Aleksandar, it was their … Continue reading “International Day of Children with Cancer”
  • Review of Japanese films
    Last night, the “Review of Japanese films” was opened in Vrsac high school. The show was officially opened by the Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of Japan, Ms. Kaori Ogura, who is in Vršac for the first time. Mrs. Ogura got acquainted with the research that the high school students presented on the occasion of … Continue reading “Review of Japanese films”
  • Municipal competition in mathematics
    On Saturday, February 10, the Municipal Mathematics Competition was held. They participated – 1st grade: Nikola Sokolović – 1st prize, Predrag Popović – 2nd prize, Sara Bugarski – 3rd prize; 2nd grade: Jana Kesić – 1st prize, Vuk Stanojević – 2nd prize, Tijana Zimonja – 3rd prize; III class: Uglješa Sredić – III award and … Continue reading “Municipal competition in mathematics”
  • National Geography Olympiad
    The municipal level of the competition, known as the National Geography Olympiad, was held on Saturday, February 3. The participants were: Lana Jovanović (I1), Jovan Rudnjanin (I1) and Vuk Stojanović (III3). Mentor, Desanka Vasić Samoila, prof. Congratulations on your knowledge and dedication!
  • Literary Olympiad
    The Literary Olympiad, a municipal competition, was held on Saturday, February 3, at the Chemistry and Medical School in Vršac. Maša Vasilevski (I1) took 2nd place! Olga Rajković (I1) and Petra Didachos (III3) were praised. Mentor – Danijela Mareš Đilas, prof. Congratulations!
  • Municipal competition in Physics
    Today, February 4, the municipal physics competition was held in our school. Our students performed in the BETA category and achieved the following success: Nikola Sokolović (I1) 1st prize, Sara Bugarski (I1) 2nd prize.Mentor: Konstantin Vidaković, prof.Jana Kesić (II1) 1st prize, Vojin Čanković (II1) 2nd prize, Tijana Zimonja (II1) 3rd prize.Mentor: Anđela Spasić, prof.Congratulations!!!
  • Choice of sportsman of the year
    Our students, phenomenal athletes, at the solemn event of the Vršac Sportsman of the Year for 2023. Lana Nestorov, taekwondo player, best junior, Vuk Mihajlović taekwondo player, best junior. Special awards for the best juniors went to: Marko Tankosić – kickboxing, Teodora Gojkov – table tennis. Special recognition in the category of the best cadet … Continue reading “Choice of sportsman of the year”
  • “Nikola Brašovan” award
    The traditional Svetosava Academy was held in the National Theater “Sterija”, where the prestigious “Nikola Brašovan” awards were awarded for the 21st time in a row to the most successful educators from the territory of the City of Vršac in the field of primary and secondary education. This year’s laureates for the “Nikola Brašovan” award … Continue reading ““Nikola Brašovan” award”
  • School glory Saint Sava
    This year, as in previous years, we celebrated the school’s glory, Savindan. The appropriate program was designed and implemented by our students together with their professors. Choristers participated in the program: Milica Noveski (I1), Iva Savić (II4), Tara Stupar (III3), Sofija Tolanov (III3), Milica Greksa (III3), Filip Cvetković (III3), Janko Božić (III2), Jakov Ćirović (I1), … Continue reading “School glory Saint Sava”
  • Pseudoscience in the media
    Student Aleksandra Chebzan Zeman (IV5) won third place in the competition on PSEUDO SCIENCE IN THE MEDIA The Reason4Health Project team selected 8 of the 63 teams that came to the competition to be awarded. All submitted papers were carefully read, then an assessment was made that 8 high school students best handled the topic … Continue reading “Pseudoscience in the media”
  • Schedule of supplementary and additional classes
  • Student newspaper “Gimnazialci”
    We present to you a special issue of the online bilingual school newspaper “Gimnazialci”, dedicated to the Christmas holidays. Vă prezentăm número special, dedicat călteilor de Crăciun, al revistei școlare ”Liceenii”, conceivedă bilingv și pentru prezentara online. https://anyflip.com/genwj/cwtb/?fbclid=IwAR0VBdRlesGJzT0I2DcSE9mMBSRcX_1JgWty9Q-93tB8TOkg5U0QZBuq6Q8
  • Self-confidence in young people
    On December 12, the students of our school attended the lecture “Self-confidence among young people”. The lecturer was Antonije Aras, and the venue was the cinema hall of the Cultural Center from Vršac. After the lecture, the lecturer told the young people the following: “Self-confidence is something that is automatically expected to have. It’s something … Continue reading “Self-confidence in young people”
  • “Paja Jovanovic Award”
    The students of our school were awarded within the framework of the 63rd art manifestation of children and youth “Paja Jovanović Award”: -Aleksandra Mršić (III1) – award for creativity, mentor Ivana Milošević, prof. -Tara Marković (I4) – 3rd prize (Tara won the prize as an eighth grader, while attending “Paja Jovanović” Elementary School) Mentor Slavica … Continue reading ““Paja Jovanovic Award””
  • The musical “Mamma Mia!”
    On December 6, the students of our school had the opportunity to visit the Theater in Terazije and watch the musical “Mamma Mia!”. The organization at the school level was entrusted to prof. Marini Kliski, and the students were in a unique situation to see such a performance live, enjoying a performance that celebrates life, … Continue reading “The musical “Mamma Mia!””
  • December 1 – World AIDS Day
    On the occasion of World AIDS Day, which this year is marked under the slogan “Let the communities lead”, volunteers of the Red Cross Vršac Davor Gašparević and Sofija Čupić, in the “Borislav Petrov Braca” Gymnasium Vršac, held a lecture for students of the 3rd year. on the topic “Everything we need to know about … Continue reading “December 1 – World AIDS Day”
  • Interdistrict competition
    Our girls will perform tomorrow at the interdistrict competition held in Belgrade!!! They are 4.12. took first place at the district competition, which was organized here, in the Millennium Hall, in Vršac. The boys took third place! Congratulations! The following performed for the school: Jelena Grujin (III3), Anja Mitrašinović (IV4), Marija Graovac (IV4), Nada Krsmanović … Continue reading “Interdistrict competition”
  • November – the month of the fight against addiction
    The lecture by Red Cross volunteers, Lana Čonić (III3), Aleksandra Mršić (III1) and Sofija Čupić (III3) with the support of Helena Đonin (III2), was organized for first and second grade students, on two occasions on 22.11. and 24.11. The theme: November – the month of the fight against addiction. According to the International and National … Continue reading “November – the month of the fight against addiction”
  • Sports competitions
    At the municipal basketball competition, held today, November 29, in the hall of the Chemical and Medical School in Vršac, our students won first place: men’s and women’s teams, as well as both our teams in 3×3 basketballThe following performed for the school:Men’s team:Marko Savić (IV1), Zoran Tešović (IV3), Manuel Olar (IV2), Stevan Bajić (III4), … Continue reading “Sports competitions”
  • Active weekend
    Students of our school on Vršački breg with professors Sanja Milenković and Danka Višnjić. Saturday, November 25. The beginning of the walking tour was at Millennium. The walk included a tour of the destinations: Turka glava and Đakov vrh. Actively spent 3.5 hours walking. Well done!
  • International Day of Tolerance
    Under the slogan “Equality is our pride and responsibility”, high school students from Vršac, for the first time, all together, celebrated the International Day of Tolerance on November 16, in all high schools of the town of Vršac. The Union of Parliamentarians of Secondary School Students of our city designed the “Path of Tolerance”, a … Continue reading “International Day of Tolerance”
  • Diversity in our class
    In cooperation with the Vršac Red Cross, November 16 – the International Day of Tolerance – was celebrated in our school. The lecture was delivered by Red Cross volunteer Ivan Zavišin and student of the School of Chemistry and Medicine, Jovana Stamenković, with the support of Red Cross secretary Suzana Cvetanović. The class II4 attended … Continue reading “Diversity in our class”
  • Municipal competition in volleyball
    The municipal volleyball competition was held on Monday, November 20 in Vršac. Both our teams won first place: Women’s team consisting of: Katarina Nikolić (I2), Jovana Medić (I2), Anja Kojić (I2), Isidora Pronić (I2), Ema Lolić (I1), Sara Momirov (II2), Maša Antonijević (II3), Ksenija Smoljan ( II4), Anja Popov (IV4), Sara Kojić (IV3), Ivana Bogavac … Continue reading “Municipal competition in volleyball”
  • District competition in table tennis
    At the District Competition held on November 16 in Alibunar, they won the first places – women’s team: Marina Pinku (IV5) and Teodora Gojkov (II2) men’s team: Stefan Radonjić (I2) and Marius Điban (II2) individual: Stefan Radonjić (I2) !!! Everyone made it to the national competition! Congratulations to the students and their mentor Eudžen Chebzan!!!
  • Youth Choir Festival
    On November 13 and 14, the 5th Youth Choir Festival was held in Novi Sad. The festival gathered as many as 450 students from all over Serbia – lovers of choral singing. Among the participants were 16 high school students from Vršac, led by prof. Marina Klisko: Mihailo Simin (IV4), Arsenije Knežević (II1), Janko Božić … Continue reading “Youth Choir Festival”