• State competition in physics
    At the 60th National Physics Competition held on 6-7 in April at the Mathematics High School in Belgrade, our students achieved the following results:Jana Kesić (II1) – II prize;Nikola Sokolović (I1) – III prize;Tijana Zimonja (II1) – commendation.Vojin Čanković (II1) also participated in the competition.Mentors for students were professors: Konstantin Vidaković and Anđela Spasić.Congratulations!
  • Exhibition “Paja Jovanović World Gentleman”
    At the exhibition of art works by high school students in the city of Vršac – “Paja Jovanović world gentleman”, our student Marta Živojnov II3 won the 2nd place.The following students were commended:I1: Sara Bugarski, Vojin Mitrović, Luka Bućinac, Ivana Bogavac.I5: Sara Djan, Benjamin Getejanc, Ksenija Vanesa Srbu, Maria Nicoleta Žurka, Štefan Albu.Mila Marić (I3) … Continue reading “Exhibition “Paja Jovanović World Gentleman””
  • Promotion of the book “Poems in flight”
    On Sunday, March 31, in the hall of the Cultural Center in Banatko Novi Selo, the prohomo of the song “Stichovi u letu” by Marijana Stratulat was performed. This anthology contains young Romanian songs from Serbia, Romania and the Republic of Moldova. In this anthology, the poems of our students are published by Sara Dan … Continue reading “Promotion of the book “Poems in flight””
  • District competition in the Serbian language
    On April 6, the District Competition in Serbian Language and Language Culture was held at the School of Economics and Business in Pancevo. Our students achieved great success: Milica Noveski I-1, Irena Brankov I-3 (mentor Danijela Mareš Đilas) and Vuk Peđa Lovrić I-2 (mentor Ljupka Grgin) won 2nd place. Maša Trbojević I-4 (mentor Ljupka Grgin) … Continue reading “District competition in the Serbian language”
  • Literary competition
    The following students from our school took part in the literary contest, organized on the occasion of the promotion of the manifestation “March, the month of the Serbian language”, and achieved results: 3rd prize: Ana Lainšček III3, “A kind word opens iron doors”, mentor: Danijela Mareš Đilas, prof. 3rd prize: Anna Chengeri II4, “The heroine … Continue reading “Literary competition”
  • Municipal competition in musical culture
    The municipal competition in musical culture was held on March 27 in the large amphitheater of our school. They participated: Milica (I4) and Anđela Spremo (IV4), Maša Šalinački (IV2), Iva Savić (II4), Veljko Đurđević (IV4), Filip Cvetković (III3), Elena Hodri (III3), Arsenije Knežević (II1), Darija Stojković ( IV4), Jovana Mirkov (II1), Petra Didachos (III3), Marija … Continue reading “Municipal competition in musical culture”
  • Workshop “How much is my share?”
    As part of the “How much is my share?” project, which included workshops held in 20 local governments in Serbia, on March 25, 2024. in the “Nikola Tesla” school center in Vršac, a final workshop dedicated to gender equality in property inheritance was organized. Our students, together with their teacher Snežana Đenić, attended the implementation … Continue reading “Workshop “How much is my share?””
  • March is the month of the Serbian language
    On the occasion of marking the manifestation of March – the month of the Serbian language, students of the Gymnasium attended the promotion of the monograph by Dr. Miloš Đorđević, “The Art of Ljubivoj Ršumović”. The promotion was held on March 21 in the amphitheater of the Vocational Education and Medical School in Vršac.
  • District competition in English
    In Pancevo, in the “Uroš Predić” high school, the District English competition was held today. They participated:Tijana Zimonja (II1) – 1st place, Tara Eror (II1) – 2nd place, Jana Kesić (II1) – 3rd place, Ksenia Srbu (I5) – 2nd place, Ivan Rankov (I3) – 3rd place, Đorđe Stojkov (I1) , Anja Nikolić (III3), Maša Šalinački … Continue reading “District competition in English”
  • Municipal competition in history
    The following students participated in the municipal history competition held on March 23 at the “Nikola Tesla” school:Sara Kojić (IV3) – 3rd place and placement at the district level of the competition, Maša Vasilevski (I1), Anđela Pavlov (III4) – 2nd place and placement at the district level of the competition, Stefan Seratlić (II5) – 2nd … Continue reading “Municipal competition in history”
  • District competition in a second foreign language
    The district competition in another foreign language was held on March 23 in Pancevo. From the German language, the following participated: Katarina Nikolić (I2), Marko Pelivan (I2), Jana Kesić (II1) and Nađa Danjko (IV2). Jana Kesić won 3rd place and qualified for the national competition! Mentor: Jasna Vulku, prof. Congratulations!Višnja Radivojev (IV4) participated in the … Continue reading “District competition in a second foreign language”
  • International Day of Forests and World Water Day 2024
    On March 21, our school implemented a unique project dedicated to celebrating the International Day of Forests and World Water Day. II4 and I1 students participated in it, together with their biology teacher Slavica Ristić. Guided by the slogan “think globally, act locally”, the story of forests was directed towards our Vršac mountains and Mali … Continue reading “International Day of Forests and World Water Day 2024”
  • World Poetry Day 2024
    World Poetry Day is celebrated on March 21 and was established by UNESCO in 1999. The purpose of this day is to promote reading, writing, publishing and poetry in schools around the world; but also “giving new incentives and recognition to national, regional and international poetic movements” Vršac high school students celebrated this day inspired … Continue reading “World Poetry Day 2024”
  • District competition in literature
    The District Literature Competition was held at the Medical School in Pancevo. Our students achieved the following results: Vuk Peđa Lovrić (I2) – 1st place, qualification to the national competition; mentor Ljupka Grgin Maša Trbojević (I4) – 1st place, qualification to the national competition; mentor Ljupka Grgin, prof. Maša Vasilevski (I1) – 3rd place, mentor … Continue reading “District competition in literature”
  • District competition in physics 16.03.2024.
    At the District Physics Competition held on 16.3.2024. At the “Nikola Tesla” Electrical Engineering School in Pancevo, our students achieved the following results: Nikola Sokolović (I1), 1st prize with a maximum of 100 points; Tijana Zimonja (II1), 1st prize; Vojin Čanković (II1), 2nd prize; Jana Kesić (II1), 2nd prize. Mentors: Anđela Spasić, prof. and Konstantin … Continue reading “District competition in physics 16.03.2024.”
  • District competition in mathematics
    At the district mathematics competition held on Saturday, March 2, our student Jana Kesić (II1) won first place with 90 points and qualified for the national competition!Vuk Stanojević (II1) and Tijana Zimonja (II1) who won 3rd place, as well as Uglješa Sredić who performed in the category of third graders, were also excellent!Mentor Ljubica Rankov … Continue reading “District competition in mathematics”
  • “Pink T-shirt Day”
    On February 28, the International Day of Combating Bullying – “Pink T-Shirt Day” was marked at the Chemical Medical School. Our students, as well as other representatives of primary and secondary schools, members of the City Council for Social Affairs and Education, representatives of the Center for Social Work of the City of Vršac, the … Continue reading ““Pink T-shirt Day””
  • Municipal competition in the Serbian language and language culture
    The municipal competition in the Serbian language and language culture was held on Saturday, February 24, at the School of Chemistry and Medicine in Vršac, the results of our students are as follows:Sara Bugarski (I1) – first placeMaša Trbojević (I4) – second placeJakov Radeka (I1) – second placeMilica Noveski (I1) – third placeVuk Peđa Lovrić … Continue reading “Municipal competition in the Serbian language and language culture”
  • District competition in Basketball 3×3
    Our girls won first place, boys second in the District 3×3 Basketball Competition. The competition was held in Pancevo on Thursday, February 22. Women’s team: Anja Mitrašinović (IV4), Jana Sovilj (III3), Jelena Grujin (III3) and Marija Graovac (IV4). Men’s team: Zoran Tešović (IV3), Stevan Bajić (III4), Nikola Nedeljković (II2) and Viktor Kožokari (III1) Mentor: Radmila … Continue reading “District competition in Basketball 3×3”
  • International Day of Children with Cancer
    Last week, February 15, the International Day of Children with Cancer, was celebrated in our school. The students played a football tournament, and all contributions collected on this date will be paid for humanitarian purposes. Thank you to everyone who participated, donated and cheered, especially thanks to students IV5 Štefan and Aleksandar, it was their … Continue reading “International Day of Children with Cancer”
  • Review of Japanese films
    Last night, the “Review of Japanese films” was opened in Vrsac high school. The show was officially opened by the Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of Japan, Ms. Kaori Ogura, who is in Vršac for the first time. Mrs. Ogura got acquainted with the research that the high school students presented on the occasion of … Continue reading “Review of Japanese films”
  • Municipal competition in mathematics
    On Saturday, February 10, the Municipal Mathematics Competition was held. They participated – 1st grade: Nikola Sokolović – 1st prize, Predrag Popović – 2nd prize, Sara Bugarski – 3rd prize; 2nd grade: Jana Kesić – 1st prize, Vuk Stanojević – 2nd prize, Tijana Zimonja – 3rd prize; III class: Uglješa Sredić – III award and … Continue reading “Municipal competition in mathematics”
  • National Geography Olympiad
    The municipal level of the competition, known as the National Geography Olympiad, was held on Saturday, February 3. The participants were: Lana Jovanović (I1), Jovan Rudnjanin (I1) and Vuk Stojanović (III3). Mentor, Desanka Vasić Samoila, prof. Congratulations on your knowledge and dedication!
  • Literary Olympiad
    The Literary Olympiad, a municipal competition, was held on Saturday, February 3, at the Chemistry and Medical School in Vršac. Maša Vasilevski (I1) took 2nd place! Olga Rajković (I1) and Petra Didachos (III3) were praised. Mentor – Danijela Mareš Đilas, prof. Congratulations!
  • Municipal competition in Physics
    Today, February 4, the municipal physics competition was held in our school. Our students performed in the BETA category and achieved the following success: Nikola Sokolović (I1) 1st prize, Sara Bugarski (I1) 2nd prize.Mentor: Konstantin Vidaković, prof.Jana Kesić (II1) 1st prize, Vojin Čanković (II1) 2nd prize, Tijana Zimonja (II1) 3rd prize.Mentor: Anđela Spasić, prof.Congratulations!!!