Visit of the Student Union

During the last week, the Union of Students from Vršac came to visit us. President Anita Kiš and her colleague Dragana presented this organization, emphasizing the following:

The Vršac Student Union is a youth organization, it has been a friend of our city for many years, and it recently celebrated its jubilee 10th birthday!

She has opened her sector for high school students for 6 years already!

“High school students have always represented the necessary driving force, and if it weren’t for them to be a wind at each other’s backs, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve all our success so far,” the president emphasized.

Precisely through that long period of 10 years, US members managed to deal with an extremely wide group of topics, from sports, music, to educational, humanitarian and cultural.

Their most famous event is the so-called “Unijada”, and they are also known for the humanitarian concert for Magdalene’s treatment, where Marcelo and Sergej Ćetković sang, the event exceeded all possible expectations!

Today, this young group of people continues their work diligently, and as part of that, the competition for new participants has come!

The contest is already open, and in order for you to become a member yourself, you just need to fill out the survey that is in the biography on their Instagram account: @studentivrsac


If you like to socialize,

If you want to activate your end,

If you are interested in work experience,

If you have ideas for projects,

Take advantage of the opportunity today and join the Vršac Students’ Union!

Vršac theater autumn

As part of the Language, Media and Culture course, first-year students watched the play “Murder in the Orient Express”, which was performed on October 9 as part of the “Vršac Theater Autumn” festival. The piece based on Agatha Christie’s famous work was performed on the big stage of the National Theater “Sterija” by the theater “Boško Buha” from Belgrade.

The activity was designed and implemented, together with the students, by prof. Lydia Kampfer.

The International Festival of Classics “Vršac Theater Autumn” lasted from October 6 to 11, and this year’s slogan was “About duration and values”.

Motivational and educational camp of the Red Cross

The participants from our school at this year’s autumn motivational and educational camp of the Red Cross (held from October 5 to 7) were: Luka Bućinac, Marko Sekulić, Jovan Tomašević, Predrag Popović (all from I1), Elena Babić, Marta Živojnov, Marija Radak (from II3), Ivana Milošev (II4), Jelena Ilić (II4), Dario Janeš (II5) and Nathanael Pasula (II5).
The camp was realized at the Red Cross resort Vršac, as part of Children’s Week, in which this year special importance is given to the development of empathy, peer and intergenerational solidarity and the further construction of a safe social environment that supports the values of tolerance.
In order to expand and expand the volunteer base of the Red Cross Vršac, the camp participants had the opportunity to acquire new knowledge in the areas of:

  • Diffusion – spreading knowledge about the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and the Principles of the Red Cross
  • Promotion of human values (Tolerance, Cultural identity and respect for diversity and electronic violence)
  • Prevention of human trafficking
  • First aid
  • Addictive diseases and sexually transmitted diseases
  • DRR – Risk reduction and mitigation of consequences from natural disasters,
    which were implemented by educated and professionally trained young volunteers of the Red Cross Vršac.
    Through socializing and getting to know the program activities of the Red Cross, camp participants have the opportunity to contribute to the development of solidarity and empathy among young people and the strengthening of team spirit in the future through volunteering and involvement in humanitarian work.
    The photos were taken from the Facebook page of the Crveni krst Vršac.

District archery competition

The district archery competition was held on October 3 in Uljma. Our Milica Beljin (III4) took first place in the air rifle category! With that placement, she secured passage to the district level of the competition. The boys were second in the team and performed in the composition of: Jovan Rudnjanin, Ognjen Pavlovski and Lazar Rajković. Their mentor was prof. Eudžen Chebzan Zeman. Congratulations!

“Techniques for overcoming stressful situations”

On the occasion of Children’s Week on October 4 in the large amphitheater of the Gymnasium “Borislav Petrov Braca”, a forum was organized on the topic “Techniques for overcoming stressful situations”. In front of the Center for Social Work from Vršac and the Counseling Center for Youth, the lecturers were Mirjana Knežević, special pedagogue, spec. of psychiatry dr. Sanja Kalaba and Ivana Stojković, psychologist.

High school students were discussed on the topic of how to recognize stressful situations, how different we are as individuals in the manifestation of them, what to do in situations when stress threatens our daily functioning and fulfilling the obligations that are placed before us. The valuable information provided on this occasion to young people, who live, on a daily basis, in modern conditions of an accelerated pace of life, will be used for a better understanding of themselves, their feelings, the world that surrounds them, and represent a kind of introduction to the Mental Health Week, which will be marked next week.

World Animal Protection Day

As part of Children’s Week, October 4, the World Animal Protection Day, was marked in our school. It is dedicated to animal rights and the preservation of animal biodiversity. On this occasion, students of class I-1 in cooperation with students of I-3 marked the mentioned day in a suitable way. Lectures and activities were prepared by students: Milica Jovanović, Milica Noveski, Nikola Sokolović, Marko Sekulić and Predrag Popović. The mentor for the students was Slavica Ristić, professor of biology.

The aim of World Animal Day is to improve the treatment of animal species around the world, as well as to support individuals, groups and organizations that care for animals.

Exhibition “Life in a Fort in Medieval Banat”

On September 30, first-year students attending the Language, Media and Culture course visited Vršačka Tower and the first permanent exhibition inside it, which was installed on July 3 of this year, with their teacher Lidija Kampfer. The exhibition “Life in a fortress in medieval Banat” authentically shows how life inside those stone walls took place over the centuries.

The students could see some of the original archaeological objects found on that site, parts of warrior’s equipment, cold weapons, as well as numerous replicas of weapons, armor, flags, a model (diorama) of the ideal reconstruction of the Vršac Castle. The organized excursion provided them with an extraordinary experience, they also socialized, and they had the opportunity to experience a fantastic view of the city panorama and the vast Vojvodina plain.

The day of the liberation of the city of Vršac in the Second World War

On the occasion of October 2nd, the Day of Liberation of the City of Vršac in the Second World War, wreaths were laid on the Memorial Ossuary to the liberators at the City Cemetery in Vršac. Representatives of our school, among others, bowed to the shadows of the 421st liberator, who rested in the land of Banat, and laid a wreath.

As pointed out, this day obliges us to remember the numerous victims who left an indelible mark in the fight against fascism, and warns that such conflicts, which brought great suffering, destruction and suffering, never happen again.

Graduation excursion “Classical Greece”

Under the name “Classical Greece”, in the period from September 21 to 28, 2023, a graduation excursion was successfully realized!

Numerous cultural and historical sites of ancient Greece were visited, as well as signs of a more recent date. The students were accommodated in the towns of Paralia and Loutraki, and visited Meteora, Athens, the Peloponnese – Corinth Canal, the ancient theater of Epidaurus and the city of Nafplion, the Thermopylae Gorge, the Church of Saint Petka in the Tempi Gorge and Thessaloniki. We would like to thank all students and teachers for their cooperation during the realization of the excursion!

Seminar for the Children’s Council

The students of our school, Ana Čengeri (II4) and Andrej Bilić (III1), in the period from September 18 to 20, participated in the first working meeting organized by the Provincial Protector of Citizens – Ombudsman. At the same time, a seminar on children’s rights was organized for members of the Children’s Council. All of the above took place in the Congress Center in Andrevlje. The goal of the meeting/seminar was for the members of the Children’s Council to get to know each other better, to expand their knowledge about human rights and children’s rights, as well as to plan the next topics and future meetings.