Spring festival “Longing for spring, longing for Eminescu”

On Sunday the 23rd. April in Vršac, the Spring Festival “Longing for spring, longing for Eminescu” was held, where the students of our school won the following awards: In the category – vocal soloist:
1st place – Aleksandar Đorđiana Malet (I5)
1st place – Melissa Voin (I5)
Mentor: prof. Margaret Kožokar
2nd place – Gabriela Natalia Babuc (III5)
Mentor: prof. Romanca Varadjan
In the poetry category:
1st place – Lidia Božin (III5)
2nd place – Simona Chebzan Zeman (III5)
Praise – Denis Almažan (III5)
Mentor: prof. Romanca Varadjan
1st place – Stefan Seratlić
Mentor: prof. Margaret Kožokar

District competition in biology

At the District Biology Competition held today, our students achieved the following ranking:
1st year: Tijana Zimonja (I1) – 1st place, Jana Kesić (I1) – 2nd place, Vukašin Stanković (I4) – 2nd place.
II year: Uglješa Sredić (II2) – 2nd place
IV year: Marija Sokolović (IV1) – 1st place, Ivana Stojanov (IV1) – 3rd place and Maša Bućkoš (IV1) – 3rd place.
All students qualified for the Republic competition. Congratulations to the students and their mentors, professors Slavica Ristić and Marija Ćirić! Well done!

Sales exhibition of the humanitarian character of Bogdan Jovanović

On the occasion of World Autism Day on April 2, a sales exhibition of the humanitarian character of Bogdan Jovanović, a visual artist with autism, was organized in the hall of our school. Our students collected a total of 21,000.00 dinars by selling t-shirts, notebooks, badges, pictures, postcards, mugs and caps in a period of several days. The collected money is intended for the purchase of a computer for Bogdan’s even better work.
Regardless of diversity, functional impairments, people with autism can be employed with assistance. In this way, the high school students from Vršac showed their maturity in developing social entrepreneurship because they assisted Bogdan with price formation, administrative work and management and provided full support for him to provide himself with the means to buy a computer from his own work and with his own potential.
Everyone can be socially useful. With this sales exhibition of printed files on objects made of ceramics, plastic, paper, fabric, Bogdan proved that regardless of the fact that he was deprived of his ability to work, he has his dignity, that he can make money for himself and that he is capable of something. This is just one in a series of actions. We will continue to fight for the future of people with autism, their happiness and a better quality of life in the community.
The collected money was handed over by the representatives of the Student Parliament of our school to Bogdan’s mother, Danijela Jovanović, who is also the founder of the association #AutizamJužniBanat
Thank you to everyone for the immense support, department IV2, for the engagement during the installation and sale of the mentioned items, especially Mili Glamočlija, Tamara Brujić, Dana Filipović, whom we also thank for the wonderful photos!

Results of the second Art Competition for high school students

It is our pleasure to inform you about the results of the second Art Competition for high school students, which was organized by the High School – Academy of Art and Conservation in Belgrade with the theme “Resurrection of Christ”.

In the competition, which lasted from February 20 to March 30, 2023, secondary school students from the Republic of Serbia from I to IV grade participated.

1st place: Vladislava Sekulić, Gymnasium “Borislav Petrov-Braca”, III1, Vršac

High School – Academy of Art and Conservation would like to thank all students for the beautiful works that showed their exceptional talent. We especially thank the teachers and religious teachers because they inspired the children to participate in the competition.

Congratulations to Vladislava and our guarantor Olivera Nišević!

Terazije Theater Ensemble

On March 30, our students attended the performance of the musical “Gypsies fly to the sky”, by the ensemble of the Terazije Theater, directed by Vladimir Lazić. The musical performance included some of the most beautiful Russian songs with unforgettable choreography by Krunoslav Simić, presenting a timeless love story.
The organization of going to this magnificent musical event was entrusted to our professor of musical culture, Marina Kliska.

District competition in history

At the District History Competition held at the “Uroš Predić” Gymnasium in Pancevo, the students of our school achieved the following results:

-Sara Kojić III-3, 2nd place and placement in the national competition!

Mentor Neven Daničić, prof.

– Aleksandra Chebzan-Zeman III-5, 3rd place and qualification to the national competition!

Mentor Danijela Barbu, prof.

-Andrea Muncan II-5, commendation,

Mentor Danijela Barbu, prof.

– Bojan Minic IV-3, commendation

Mentor Slobodan Lauš, prof.


District competition in the Serbian language and language culture

At the district competition in Serbian language and language culture, our students won the following places:

  1. Anđela Stamenković I3 – 2nd place
  2. Aleksandar Janković I1 – 2nd place
  3. Tijana Zimonja I1 – 3rd place
  4. Sara Kojić III3 – 3rd place
    Mentor – Olivera Pantović, prof.
  5. Zorana Bogosavljević IV2 – 2nd place
    Mentor – Danijela Mareš Đilas, prof.

Municipal competition in athletics

Results of the Municipal Competition in Athletics, held on Thursday, March 30:
Mina Mitrović 1st place 100m
Anja Popov 2nd place 100m
Bajić Stevan III place 100m
Uros Nikolić II place 400 m
Nenad Marinkov III place 400m
Sara Milenkovic 2nd place 400 m
Anja Rakić 3rd place 400m
Marko Tankosić 1st place (shot put)
Stevan Bajić IV place (long jump)
Mina Mitrović 2nd place (long jump)
Anja Rakić 1st place (long jump)
Relay, 4×100 girls, 1st place – Mina Mitrović, Sara Milenković, Milica Majkić, Lana Nestorović and Anja Rakić.
Mentor, Radmila Mandić, prof.

Republic competition in the Italian language

At the Faculty of Philology on March 26, 2023. in Belgrade, IV1 student Marija Sekulić won 2nd place at the Republic Competition in Italian! Congratulations!!!
Big shout out to Zorana Bogosavljevic (IV2) and Dorian Erina (IV5) who were a few points short of qualifying for the oral part!
Mentor Lidija Kampfer, prof.

International Day of Forests

Students of class IV1: Maša Bućkoš, Katarina Kampfer, Anđela Petrović and Vuk Veličković, under the mentorship of prof. of biology Slavica Ristić, on Tuesday, March 21, marked the International Day of Forests. They were joined by the students of I4, who, through thematic interactive lectures, renewed existing and acquired new knowledge related to the importance of healthy forests, the ways in which people relate to this precious natural resource, the possibilities of preserving nature on the planet, how each of us can contribute to it your contribution, etc.
The International Day of Forests has been celebrated every March 21 since 2012, and this year the focus is on the positive impact of forest ecosystems on human health.