Republic competition in musical culture “Triolica”

The first Republican competition in musical culture “Triolica” was held on June 1 in the Elementary School “Radoje Domanović” Novi Belgrade, organized by the Association of Music Culture Teachers of Serbia. The competition was held at the same time in the school hall and in two classrooms. Over 500 students and 200 primary and secondary school teachers from all over Serbia participated.

Four disciplines were represented: vocal soloists, small ensembles – vocal and instrumental, orchestras and choirs.

Students of our school won high rankings in different genres:

1st sisters Spremo Milica IV4 and Anđela I3, local folk song – 100 points, LAUREATE;

  1. Jovana Mirkov II1, foreign folk song – 100 points, LAUREATE;
  2. Maša Šalinački IV2, children’s popular song – 99.7 points, first place;
  3. Petra Didachos III3, popular song 98 points, first place;
  4. Arsenije Knežević II1, old town song, 95.66 points, first place.

The mentor for the students was prof. Marina Kliska, congratulations!

Support was provided by prof. Konstantin Vidaković (piano) and student Janko Božić III2 (cahon), without whom these results would certainly not have been possible!

We would also like to thank Prof. Nikola Mijajlović and student Stanko Dolovac II1 who were part of the team, but were prevented from being with us that day.