“Youth Against Corruption”

“Youth Against Corruption” is a project of the Institute for European Affairs in which a student from our school, Jovana Mirkov (II1), participated.
On Thursday, May 30, as part of the mentioned project, she gave her presentation to the students of our school, in which she tried to bring them closer to the ways in which corruption works, while stating the possibilities with which we can fight against it.
The presentation was interactive in nature, as part of it many students showed their knowledge in the field of psychology and general information. Their active participation significantly contributed to the treatment of the topic of corruption.
Jovana wholeheartedly thanks her peers who supported her, as well as the professors and principals of our school!
“We are proud and happy that our students can boast of the knowledge acquired through informal education and activism.” – said Jovana after finishing her presentation. Congratulations!