Tribune on “Human and Minority Rights and Freedoms”

On the occasion of International Roma Day, on April 9, our school held a forum on the topic “Human and minority rights and freedoms”.
Sanja Stanković, senior advisor of the office of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, and Dr. Marinel Negru, head of the education department at the National Council of Romanians, took part in the forum.
During the treatment of the topic, there was talk about the history of human rights and freedoms, the chronology of their conquest and acquisition, with an emphasis on the rights of ethnic communities, as well as the competences of institutions that are in charge of protecting the rights of citizens, such as the institution of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality. The role of National Councils and their importance in striving for an egalitarian society was also mentioned.
Tribune, under the mentorship of prof. Snežane Đenić, moderated by IV2 students: Marina Grujić, Anja Lazić, Marija Miller and Mateja Magda, and in addition to students from our school, students from the School of Chemistry and Medicine and the School Center “Nikola Tesla” were also present with their teachers.