Memorial of Dimitrija Ardelean

On May 10, in cooperation with the Society for the Romanian Language of Vojvodina, an art workshop dedicated to the “Memorial Dimitrije Ardelean” event was organized in our school.
The aim of the memorial is to preserve the memory of the image and work of the respected academic painter Dimitrije Ardelean, a former professor of fine arts at the Gymnasium, but also a professor at the then Teacher’s School in Vršac.
The participants of the art workshop were students from most of the first-year classes, as well as first-, second-, and third-year Romanian language general students.
Dr. Brindusa Žujka, prof. and Daniela Barbulov Popov, president of the Fine Art and Design Department of the Society for the Romanian Language of Vojvodina.
Professors Olivera Nišević and Adonis Ardelean took part from our school.