International Day of Children with Cancer

Last week, February 15, the International Day of Children with Cancer, was celebrated in our school. The students played a football tournament, and all contributions collected on this date will be paid for humanitarian purposes.

Thank you to everyone who participated, donated and cheered, especially thanks to students IV5 Štefan and Aleksandar, it was their initiative that made this humanitarian action happen!

Raising awareness in society about the importance of malignant diseases in childhood contributes to the better involvement of all individuals in solving the most important issues, which are primarily reflected in the strengthening of efforts to ensure the necessary diagnostics, treatment and care of the sick, as well as providing the necessary support to families.

The International Day of Children with Cancer was established in 2002 in order to unify activities and send a clear message in the context of the previously listed goals, and it became part of the Public Health Calendar in the Republic of Serbia in 2013.

Photos: Aleksa Masic