Municipal competition in the Serbian language and language culture

The municipal competition in the Serbian language and language culture was held on Saturday, February 24, at the School of Chemistry and Medicine in Vršac, the results of our students are as follows:
Sara Bugarski (I1) – first place
Maša Trbojević (I4) – second place
Jakov Radeka (I1) – second place
Milica Noveski (I1) – third place
Vuk Peđa Lovrić (I2) – third place
Lazar Rajković (I3) – third place
Ivan Rankov (I3) – participation
Sanja Grubiša (I3) – participation
Irena Brankov (I3) – direct walkability.
Mentors, professors: Danijela Mareš Đilas and Ljupka Grgin.
Tijana Zimonja (II1) – second place
Aleksandar Janković (II1) – second place
Anđela Stamenković (II3) – direct access. Mentor: Olivera Pantović, prof.
Sara Milenković (III3) – participation.
Mentor: Danijela Mareš Đilas, prof.
Sara Kojić (IV3) – direct succession.
Mentor: Olivera Pantović, prof.


District competition in Basketball 3×3

Our girls won first place, boys second in the District 3×3 Basketball Competition.

The competition was held in Pancevo on Thursday, February 22.

Women’s team: Anja Mitrašinović (IV4), Jana Sovilj (III3), Jelena Grujin (III3) and Marija Graovac (IV4).

Men’s team: Zoran Tešović (IV3), Stevan Bajić (III4), Nikola Nedeljković (II2) and Viktor Kožokari (III1)

Mentor: Radmila Mandić, prof.

International Day of Children with Cancer

Last week, February 15, the International Day of Children with Cancer, was celebrated in our school. The students played a football tournament, and all contributions collected on this date will be paid for humanitarian purposes.

Thank you to everyone who participated, donated and cheered, especially thanks to students IV5 Štefan and Aleksandar, it was their initiative that made this humanitarian action happen!

Raising awareness in society about the importance of malignant diseases in childhood contributes to the better involvement of all individuals in solving the most important issues, which are primarily reflected in the strengthening of efforts to ensure the necessary diagnostics, treatment and care of the sick, as well as providing the necessary support to families.

The International Day of Children with Cancer was established in 2002 in order to unify activities and send a clear message in the context of the previously listed goals, and it became part of the Public Health Calendar in the Republic of Serbia in 2013.

Photos: Aleksa Masic

Review of Japanese films

Last night, the “Review of Japanese films” was opened in Vrsac high school.

The show was officially opened by the Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of Japan, Ms. Kaori Ogura, who is in Vršac for the first time. Mrs. Ogura got acquainted with the research that the high school students presented on the occasion of the exhibition “Japan and Serbia – 100 years later” and how on October 7, 1923, the first event “Japan Day” was organized in Vršac. The accompanying part of the program was the exhibition of talented high school students from Vršac “Japan and Serbia – What unites us?”

Director of the “Borislav Petrov-Braca” high school, Mrs. Tamara Pešić, thanked the Embassy of Japan and the City of Vršac for their continued support, and looked back on the previous decade of cooperation with the “Hanami” Association and informed the attendees about the programs that were organized: Japanese language school, drawing workshops of Japanese comics, research on the history of relations between Japan and Serbia, literary evenings, concerts, plays, revues…

The Association of Serbian-Japanese Friendship “Hanami” announces new programs on the occasion of the anniversary of 10 years of cooperation, among which a large competition of art and literary works will be announced, which will be officially announced in April this year. After the Yugoslav Cinematheque, thanks to the Japanese Foundation, Vrscans will enjoy free screenings of contemporary films for three days.

Municipal competition in mathematics

On Saturday, February 10, the Municipal Mathematics Competition was held.

They participated – 1st grade: Nikola Sokolović – 1st prize, Predrag Popović – 2nd prize, Sara Bugarski – 3rd prize; 2nd grade: Jana Kesić – 1st prize, Vuk Stanojević – 2nd prize, Tijana Zimonja – 3rd prize; III class: Uglješa Sredić – III award and Vukašin Žarkov.

Mentor for first grade students was Danka Višnjić, prof. Ljubica Rankov Payne, prof., was the mentor for students of the 2nd and 3rd grades. Congratulations!!!

National Geography Olympiad

The municipal level of the competition, known as the National Geography Olympiad, was held on Saturday, February 3. The participants were: Lana Jovanović (I1), Jovan Rudnjanin (I1) and Vuk Stojanović (III3).

Mentor, Desanka Vasić Samoila, prof.

Congratulations on your knowledge and dedication!

Literary Olympiad

The Literary Olympiad, a municipal competition, was held on Saturday, February 3, at the Chemistry and Medical School in Vršac.

Maša Vasilevski (I1) took 2nd place!

Olga Rajković (I1) and Petra Didachos (III3) were praised. Mentor – Danijela Mareš Đilas, prof. Congratulations!

Municipal competition in Physics

Today, February 4, the municipal physics competition was held in our school. Our students performed in the BETA category and achieved the following success: Nikola Sokolović (I1) 1st prize, Sara Bugarski (I1) 2nd prize.
Mentor: Konstantin Vidaković, prof.
Jana Kesić (II1) 1st prize, Vojin Čanković (II1) 2nd prize, Tijana Zimonja (II1) 3rd prize.
Mentor: Anđela Spasić, prof.

Choice of sportsman of the year

Our students, phenomenal athletes, at the solemn event of the Vršac Sportsman of the Year for 2023.

Lana Nestorov, taekwondo player, best junior, Vuk Mihajlović taekwondo player, best junior.

Special awards for the best juniors went to: Marko Tankosić – kickboxing, Teodora Gojkov – table tennis. Special recognition in the category of the best cadet went to Stefan Radonjić – table tennis.

Bojan Pajović, in front of the Youth Football Club “Vršac”, received a special award for the best cadet team.