Pseudoscience in the media

Student Aleksandra Chebzan Zeman (IV5) won third place in the competition on PSEUDO SCIENCE IN THE MEDIA

The Reason4Health Project team selected 8 of the 63 teams that came to the competition to be awarded.

All submitted papers were carefully read, then an assessment was made that 8 high school students best handled the topic of the competition. These students demonstrated the ability to independently recognize and question various questionable messages about science and health on the Internet, television and other media, they pointed out the consequences pseudosciences for individuals and society, and wrote compositions inspired, logical and clear.


ALEKSANDRA ČEBZAN ZEMAN – 4th grade student at the “Borislav Petrov Braca” Gymnasium, Vršac

which analyzed the media appearances of a popular doctor promoting pseudomedicine

Congratulations to Aleksandra and her mentor Ruzica Dan!