Self-confidence in young people

On December 12, the students of our school attended the lecture “Self-confidence among young people”. The lecturer was Antonije Aras, and the venue was the cinema hall of the Cultural Center from Vršac. After the lecture, the lecturer told the young people the following: “Self-confidence is something that is automatically expected to have. It’s something that’s also socially acceptable. It’s kind of a shame not to have it. What I forgot to tell you is that it’s okay not to have it. There are situations in life when we lack confidence. It’s okay to be afraid of life’s situations sometimes. Sometimes we think we’re less valuable, less good. However we think, those are words that have meaning, but they don’t have to have the meaning we give them. If thoughts separate us and hinder us on our personal path of growth and development, we cannot sometimes fight against them. But what we can do is that when they appear, we take action that will bring us closer to achieving our goals that are in line with our values.”