December 1 – World AIDS Day

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, which this year is marked under the slogan “Let the communities lead”, volunteers of the Red Cross Vršac Davor Gašparević and Sofija Čupić, in the “Borislav Petrov Braca” Gymnasium Vršac, held a lecture for students of the 3rd year. on the topic “Everything we need to know about HIV/AIDS”. The lecture discussed the way HIV infection is transmitted, protection measures and effective prevention.
Epidemiological situation in the world

The HIV pandemic remains a major global public health challenge, which UNAIDS estimates has claimed more than 40 million lives by the end of 2022, while nearly 86 million people were infected with HIV. It was estimated that at the end of 2022, 39 million people were living with HIV. In the same year, 630,000 people worldwide died from causes related to HIV infection (51% less than in 2010 when 1.4 million died), while 1.3 million people were newly infected with HIV in 2022, a reduction by 38% compared to 2.1 million in 2010, but it is far from the goal for 2025 – 335,000 new HIV infections. Among children, a reduction of new HIV infections was registered by 58% compared to 2010 (130,000 versus 310,000).
Epidemiological situation in Serbia
According to the data of the Institute for Public Health of Serbia “Dr. Milan Jovanović Batut”, from the beginning of the epidemic in 1985, until November 27, 2023, 4,729 persons infected with HIV were registered in the Republic of Serbia, of which 2,212 persons suffered from of AIDS, while 1,216 HIV-infected persons died of AIDS, and another 146 HIV-infected persons died of diseases or conditions unrelated to HIV infection. As in previous years, the sexual route of transmission is dominant this year (98% of all cases registered in 2023 with a known mode of transmission), especially unprotected sexual relations among men, among newly discovered HIV-infected persons (63%). Among the reported diagnosed HIV-positive persons in the period January-November 2023, there were 11 times more men than women.
Text and photos taken from FB page – Crveni krst Vršac.