Self-confidence in young people

On December 12, the students of our school attended the lecture “Self-confidence among young people”. The lecturer was Antonije Aras, and the venue was the cinema hall of the Cultural Center from Vršac. After the lecture, the lecturer told the young people the following: “Self-confidence is something that is automatically expected to have. It’s something that’s also socially acceptable. It’s kind of a shame not to have it. What I forgot to tell you is that it’s okay not to have it. There are situations in life when we lack confidence. It’s okay to be afraid of life’s situations sometimes. Sometimes we think we’re less valuable, less good. However we think, those are words that have meaning, but they don’t have to have the meaning we give them. If thoughts separate us and hinder us on our personal path of growth and development, we cannot sometimes fight against them. But what we can do is that when they appear, we take action that will bring us closer to achieving our goals that are in line with our values.”

“Paja Jovanovic Award”

The students of our school were awarded within the framework of the 63rd art manifestation of children and youth “Paja Jovanović Award”:

-Aleksandra Mršić (III1) – award for creativity, mentor Ivana Milošević, prof.

  • Elena Radosavljević (II1) – KC award, mentor Ivana Milošević, prof.

-Tara Marković (I4) – 3rd prize (Tara won the prize as an eighth grader, while attending “Paja Jovanović” Elementary School)

Mentor Slavica Ranković, prof.

They attended the awards ceremony, which took place on December 1 in the Congress Hall of the Millennium Center.


photos: Jakov Radeka (I1)

The musical “Mamma Mia!”

On December 6, the students of our school had the opportunity to visit the Theater in Terazije and watch the musical “Mamma Mia!”.

The organization at the school level was entrusted to prof. Marini Kliski, and the students were in a unique situation to see such a performance live, enjoying a performance that celebrates life, enchants people and fills them with positive energy!

The premiere of this play, which is otherwise inspired by the music of ABBA, was back in 2015, which was the first performance of this title in this part of the world. So far, over 75,000 spectators have watched this musical, both on the home stage and on guest appearances.

December 1 – World AIDS Day

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, which this year is marked under the slogan “Let the communities lead”, volunteers of the Red Cross Vršac Davor Gašparević and Sofija Čupić, in the “Borislav Petrov Braca” Gymnasium Vršac, held a lecture for students of the 3rd year. on the topic “Everything we need to know about HIV/AIDS”. The lecture discussed the way HIV infection is transmitted, protection measures and effective prevention.
Epidemiological situation in the world

The HIV pandemic remains a major global public health challenge, which UNAIDS estimates has claimed more than 40 million lives by the end of 2022, while nearly 86 million people were infected with HIV. It was estimated that at the end of 2022, 39 million people were living with HIV. In the same year, 630,000 people worldwide died from causes related to HIV infection (51% less than in 2010 when 1.4 million died), while 1.3 million people were newly infected with HIV in 2022, a reduction by 38% compared to 2.1 million in 2010, but it is far from the goal for 2025 – 335,000 new HIV infections. Among children, a reduction of new HIV infections was registered by 58% compared to 2010 (130,000 versus 310,000).
Epidemiological situation in Serbia
According to the data of the Institute for Public Health of Serbia “Dr. Milan Jovanović Batut”, from the beginning of the epidemic in 1985, until November 27, 2023, 4,729 persons infected with HIV were registered in the Republic of Serbia, of which 2,212 persons suffered from of AIDS, while 1,216 HIV-infected persons died of AIDS, and another 146 HIV-infected persons died of diseases or conditions unrelated to HIV infection. As in previous years, the sexual route of transmission is dominant this year (98% of all cases registered in 2023 with a known mode of transmission), especially unprotected sexual relations among men, among newly discovered HIV-infected persons (63%). Among the reported diagnosed HIV-positive persons in the period January-November 2023, there were 11 times more men than women.
Text and photos taken from FB page – Crveni krst Vršac.

Interdistrict competition

Our girls will perform tomorrow at the interdistrict competition held in Belgrade!!!

They are 4.12. took first place at the district competition, which was organized here, in the Millennium Hall, in Vršac.

The boys took third place! Congratulations!

The following performed for the school:

Jelena Grujin (III3), Anja Mitrašinović (IV4),

Marija Graovac (IV4), Nada Krsmanović (II4), Mila Marić (I3), Sofija Tolanov (III3), Dunja Drakulic (III3), Ana Caran (IV3), Ana Zec (II1) and Jana Sovilj (III3).

Mentor: Dragana Danilović, prof.

November – the month of the fight against addiction

The lecture by Red Cross volunteers, Lana Čonić (III3), Aleksandra Mršić (III1) and Sofija Čupić (III3) with the support of Helena Đonin (III2), was organized for first and second grade students, on two occasions on 22.11. and 24.11.

The theme:

November – the month of the fight against addiction.

According to the International and National Health Calendar, the month of November is dedicated to the fight against drug addiction, with the aim of raising awareness among the population about the harmful effects of drugs and mobilizing the entire society to engage in activities to combat their use.

Every year, around 210 million people in the world use drugs, and of this number, around 200,000 people die annually as a result of drug use. Consumption of psychoactive substances is not only a health threat but also a significant socio-economic burden worldwide.

Primary prevention, i.e. preventing the onset of addiction, is the most important!

Sports competitions

At the municipal basketball competition, held today, November 29, in the hall of the Chemical and Medical School in Vršac, our students won first place: men’s and women’s teams, as well as both our teams in 3×3 basketball
The following performed for the school:
Men’s team:
Marko Savić (IV1), Zoran Tešović (IV3), Manuel Olar (IV2), Stevan Bajić (III4), Viktor Kožokari (III1), Aljoša Bojanić (III3), Mateja Radosavljev (III1), Nikola Nedeljković (II2), Vuk Stanojević (II1), Marko Radosavljević (III3) and Stefan Pucarević (II3)
Women’s team:
Jelena Grujin (III3), Anja Mitrašinović (IV4),
Marija Graovac (IV4), Nada Krsmanović (II4), Mila Marić (I3), Sofija Tolanov (III3), Dunja Drakulic (III3), Ana Caran (IV3), Ana Zec (II1) and Jana Sovilj (III3).
Basketball 3×3
Men’s team:
Stevan Bajić (III4), Nikola Nedeljković (II2), Viktor Kožokari (III1) and Zoran Tešović (IV3).
Women’s team:
Anja Mitrašinović (IV4), Jana Sovilj (III3), Jelena Grujin (III3) and Marija Graovac (IV4).
Mentor for the students was Dragana Danilović, prof. Congratulations!

Active weekend

Students of our school on Vršački breg with professors Sanja Milenković and Danka Višnjić.

Saturday, November 25.

The beginning of the walking tour was at Millennium. The walk included a tour of the destinations: Turka glava and Đakov vrh. Actively spent 3.5 hours walking.

Well done!