Diversity in our class

In cooperation with the Vršac Red Cross, November 16 – the International Day of Tolerance – was celebrated in our school.

The lecture was delivered by Red Cross volunteer Ivan Zavišin and student of the School of Chemistry and Medicine, Jovana Stamenković, with the support of Red Cross secretary Suzana Cvetanović.

The class II4 attended the lecture itself.

The topic was complemented by the workshop “Diversity in our class” in which students talked about tolerance in school, among peers and ways to increase awareness of it.

Marking this day, it is important to emphasize the importance of promoting humane values, especially tolerance. Tolerance is key to maintaining peace and understanding in a world full of diversity. Active acceptance of diversity contributes to building a harmonious society where the rights and freedoms of all are respected. Through tolerance, we create bridges of understanding between people of different cultures, religions and ideologies. This day reminds us that tolerance is necessary to create a world where everyone can be recognized and respected, regardless of their differences.

Tolerance is not only a virtue, but the key to building an inclusive society in which disagreements are resolved through dialogue and understanding. Through the promotion of tolerance, we build the foundations for peace and prosperity.