Youth Choir Festival

On November 13 and 14, the 5th Youth Choir Festival was held in Novi Sad. The festival gathered as many as 450 students from all over Serbia – lovers of choral singing.

Among the participants were 16 high school students from Vršac, led by prof. Marina Klisko: Mihailo Simin (IV4), Arsenije Knežević (II1), Janko Božić (III2), Iva Mitrović (I1), Katarina Mitrović (I1), Maša Vasilevski (I1), Ana Živkov (II1), Jovana Mirkov (II1) , Tara Marković (I4), Aleksandra Barić (II4), Nađa Rankov (II4), Elena Radosavljević (II1), Maša Antonijević (II3), Filip Cvetković (III3), Milica Greksa (III3) and Tara Stupar (III3).

Together with their peers, in the Novi Sad Synagogue, they simultaneously performed a diverse musical repertoire previously prepared at rehearsals in their places. As many as 15 schools participated, and 14 joint compositions were performed.

The event was organized by the Serbian Choral Association in order to promote togetherness and art. “Music is not just a privilege, music belongs to everyone!” said the president of the Serbian Choral Association, Tamara Adamov Petijević, at the opening of the Festival. This sentence best describes the goal of the Festival.