World Science Day

On the occasion of the World Science Day, the students of classes I1 and I3, together with professors Daniela Mareš Đilas and Olivera Nišević, attended the opening of the photo exhibition “DNA Reflection” by Subotica author Kečkeš Albert on Friday, November 10. The organizer of the exhibition is the Vršac Cultural Center in cooperation with UrbanKult, and the exhibit is on display in the Army House in Vršac.

Albert Kečkeš is a veterinary technician by profession who works in the city shelter for abandoned animals in Subotica. As a professional, he joined the international Pawsitive Genes project with the aim of mapping the percentage of pure breed DNA in mixed-breed dogs on a certain territory (in this case in Vojvodina) based on samples of the genetic material of tested dogs.

Scientific educational project on the percentage representation of genes of pure breeds of dogs in the DNA of mixed breeds presents portrait photos of dogs that entered the program of genetic research. This project is the result of the work of two people with great enthusiasm in the field of the welfare of abandoned dogs: Gwenaelle de Bizemont, a French citizen and a resident of Subotica for some time, and Albert Kečkeš, a veterinary technician who has been actively working in city shelters since 2010. The goal of their exhibition is to raise awareness about mixed dogs!