World Food Day

Our school celebrated World Food Day on October 16, which, among other things, is dedicated to raising awareness about healthy food. In recent times, education about healthy eating and about which food is good and which is harmful for our body has increased. Accordingly, our students designed and implemented a program dedicated to this area. Students I1, II2 and II4 attended the realization of the same.
In the introductory part of the program, students of class I1, Olga Rajković, Sara Bugarski and Ivana Bogavac, stated that this day is celebrated all over the world, that this year’s slogan is “Water is life, water is food – let’s save every drop”. For the sub-topic of this meeting, they chose to talk about – the proper nutrition of teenagers and athletes, since among the present students there were also students of class II2 (a class for students with special abilities for sports). Our physical education teachers Radmila Mandić and Igor Santrač followed up on the story. Apart from the mentioned topic, the professors also talked about their experience in practice, about working with athletes, or. to the students of the sports department.
The central part of the program belonged to dr. Rajni Dušanov, spec. hygiene and nutrition. She talked to the students about the food pyramid, she commented on it, with her advisory approach she encouraged the students to ask her questions and to share their experiences with her. She rounded off the story with a unique message, “I eat to live, and I don’t live to eat.”
At the end of the program, students and guests were served apples, which were there to symbolize a healthy way of eating.
We would like to thank everyone, students, guests, coordinators of this entire event, prof. Slavica Ristić, as well as the student Jakov Radek (I1) who technically supported the celebration of this day.