Visit of the Student Union

During the last week, the Union of Students from Vršac came to visit us. President Anita Kiš and her colleague Dragana presented this organization, emphasizing the following:

The Vršac Student Union is a youth organization, it has been a friend of our city for many years, and it recently celebrated its jubilee 10th birthday!

She has opened her sector for high school students for 6 years already!

“High school students have always represented the necessary driving force, and if it weren’t for them to be a wind at each other’s backs, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve all our success so far,” the president emphasized.

Precisely through that long period of 10 years, US members managed to deal with an extremely wide group of topics, from sports, music, to educational, humanitarian and cultural.

Their most famous event is the so-called “Unijada”, and they are also known for the humanitarian concert for Magdalene’s treatment, where Marcelo and Sergej Ćetković sang, the event exceeded all possible expectations!

Today, this young group of people continues their work diligently, and as part of that, the competition for new participants has come!

The contest is already open, and in order for you to become a member yourself, you just need to fill out the survey that is in the biography on their Instagram account: @studentivrsac


If you like to socialize,

If you want to activate your end,

If you are interested in work experience,

If you have ideas for projects,

Take advantage of the opportunity today and join the Vršac Students’ Union!