European Day Against Trafficking in Human Beings

In cooperation with the Vršac Red Cross, our school celebrated October 18, the European Day against Human Trafficking. The lecture was delivered by Red Cross volunteer Davor Gašparević, and was attended by classes II3 and III2. The story was completed with the workshop “What if – if it were” and answering questions that are current and related to the topic.

Human trafficking is a type of modern slavery and a global problem that affects not only countries in the phase of economic and social transition, but also industrially developed countries. Individuals profit from human trafficking through the control and exploitation of others. Estimates show that traffickers earn between seven and $60 billion annually.

Victims of human trafficking can be women, children and men forced, tricked or induced into prostitution, as well as any other form of work or services, such as workers kept in houses or farms forced to work against their will. The common factors in all situations of modern slavery are the elements of force, fraud and coercion, which are used very perfidiously, and often subtly, for the sake of controlling people.