Motivational and educational camp of the Red Cross

The participants from our school at this year’s autumn motivational and educational camp of the Red Cross (held from October 5 to 7) were: Luka Bućinac, Marko Sekulić, Jovan Tomašević, Predrag Popović (all from I1), Elena Babić, Marta Živojnov, Marija Radak (from II3), Ivana Milošev (II4), Jelena Ilić (II4), Dario Janeš (II5) and Nathanael Pasula (II5).
The camp was realized at the Red Cross resort Vršac, as part of Children’s Week, in which this year special importance is given to the development of empathy, peer and intergenerational solidarity and the further construction of a safe social environment that supports the values of tolerance.
In order to expand and expand the volunteer base of the Red Cross Vršac, the camp participants had the opportunity to acquire new knowledge in the areas of:

  • Diffusion – spreading knowledge about the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and the Principles of the Red Cross
  • Promotion of human values (Tolerance, Cultural identity and respect for diversity and electronic violence)
  • Prevention of human trafficking
  • First aid
  • Addictive diseases and sexually transmitted diseases
  • DRR – Risk reduction and mitigation of consequences from natural disasters,
    which were implemented by educated and professionally trained young volunteers of the Red Cross Vršac.
    Through socializing and getting to know the program activities of the Red Cross, camp participants have the opportunity to contribute to the development of solidarity and empathy among young people and the strengthening of team spirit in the future through volunteering and involvement in humanitarian work.
    The photos were taken from the Facebook page of the Crveni krst Vršac.