“Techniques for overcoming stressful situations”

On the occasion of Children’s Week on October 4 in the large amphitheater of the Gymnasium “Borislav Petrov Braca”, a forum was organized on the topic “Techniques for overcoming stressful situations”. In front of the Center for Social Work from Vršac and the Counseling Center for Youth, the lecturers were Mirjana Knežević, special pedagogue, spec. of psychiatry dr. Sanja Kalaba and Ivana Stojković, psychologist.

High school students were discussed on the topic of how to recognize stressful situations, how different we are as individuals in the manifestation of them, what to do in situations when stress threatens our daily functioning and fulfilling the obligations that are placed before us. The valuable information provided on this occasion to young people, who live, on a daily basis, in modern conditions of an accelerated pace of life, will be used for a better understanding of themselves, their feelings, the world that surrounds them, and represent a kind of introduction to the Mental Health Week, which will be marked next week.