Exhibition “Sand Wind Man”

The students of our school visited the exhibition “Sand Wind Man” which has been open since September 14 in the City Museum in Vršac.
The Deliblat sandbar, also known as the European Sahara, is the largest sandbar in Europe. It is located in the southeastern part of Banat.
In 2018, 200 years have passed since the beginning of the organized works on settling, binding sand and reforesting the Deliblat sandbar.
Man and the wind contributed to the creation of the sandstone, under whose influence the vegetation was destroyed, the sandstone opened up and the flying sand was blown away. Life in these conditions was full of difficulties and problems that could only be overcome by organized work to improve living conditions. This aspiration does not stop to this day.
The authors of the exhibition are Slobodanka Petrović, Jasmina Vujović, Marina Miljuš, Jasna Jovanov and Grozdana Milenkov from the Pančevo Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in Pančevo. The exhibition will be open until September 27.