Poetry writing competition held in Arad

Section of the “Playful Words” competition held by the Arad Children’s Palace in partnership with the General Association of Romanian Teachers. held in May 2023, a poetry contest (on any topic) “Our language is a treasure” for Romanian students abroad. The following students from our school participated: Anamaria Borca (IV5), Anabela Cojocar, Simona Cebzan Zeman, Lidia Bojin, Gabriela Băbuț, Teodora Ghina (III5), Stefan Goica (II5), Alexandra Georgiana Maleta (I5).
The students obtained the following awards:
2nd place – Anabela Cojocar and Teodora Ghina (III5)
3rd place – Simona Cebzan Zeman and Lidia Bojin (III5)
Mentor: Prof. Romanța Vărădean
3rd place – Stefan Goica (II5)
Mentor: Prof. Mariana Golomeić
2nd place – Alexandra Georgiana Maleta (I5)
Mentor: Prof. Margareta Cojocar