Poetry writing competition held in Arad

Section of the “Playful Words” competition held by the Arad Children’s Palace in partnership with the General Association of Romanian Teachers. held in May 2023, a poetry contest (on any topic) “Our language is a treasure” for Romanian students abroad. The following students from our school participated: Anamaria Borca (IV5), Anabela Cojocar, Simona Cebzan Zeman, Lidia Bojin, Gabriela Băbuț, Teodora Ghina (III5), Stefan Goica (II5), Alexandra Georgiana Maleta (I5).
The students obtained the following awards:
2nd place – Anabela Cojocar and Teodora Ghina (III5)
3rd place – Simona Cebzan Zeman and Lidia Bojin (III5)
Mentor: Prof. Romanța Vărădean
3rd place – Stefan Goica (II5)
Mentor: Prof. Mariana Golomeić
2nd place – Alexandra Georgiana Maleta (I5)
Mentor: Prof. Margareta Cojocar

Republic competition in biology in Kragujevac

The national competition in biology was held on May 27 in Kragujevac.

Students participated and achieved the following result:

Marija Sokolović (IV1) 92/100, Maša Bućkoš (IV1) 85/100, Jana Kesić (I1) 84/100, Tijana Zimonja (I1) 82/100, Uglješa Sredić (II2) 80/100, Ivana Stojanov (IV1) 76/100, Stanković Vukašin (I4) 59/100.

Mentors, professors, Slavica Ristić and Marija Ćirić.


Screening of a short student film – FILMić 2023.

With the award ceremony at the Privredna Akademija University in Novi Sad, on May 25, the short student film screening – FILMić 2023 ended. Our students won a special commendation for directing!

The Continuum Productions team consisting of Maša Šalinački (III2), Jana Jovičin (III4) and Aleksandar Jovčić (II1) won the aforementioned award for the film “Look at me”. As part of the activities planned for this team of award-winning students, they will participate in the film festival held every June in Ravni Selo, as part of the youth film review led by Slobodan Popov.

The mentor for the students was Marijana Golomeić, prof.


The aim of the screening of the short student film FILMić is to promote the active role of students in the creation of media materials and to popularize this type of digital literacy in school through the cooperation of students with the teacher-mentor on the creation of projects. Primary and secondary school students, in teams of up to 3 students, participated in the competition by creating a scenario, recording a video and editing it.

Republic competition in the Latin language

The national competition in the Latin language was held on May 20 at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.
Participating students were: Tara Lažetić (I1) 82/100 points, Tijana Zimonja (I1) 80/100 points.
Mentor Marijana Golomeić, prof.

State competition in history

At the National History Competition, held on May 20 in the Požarevac high school, student III-3, Sara Kojić won 3rd place!!!
Mentor prof. Neven Daničić.
III-5 student Aleksandra Chebzan-Zeman participated in the competition, winning 19 points.
Mentor prof. Daniel Barba.
Congratulations !!!

Interdistrict competition in athletics

The school interdistrict competition in athletics was held on May 19 in Novi Sad. The best result was achieved by Stevan Bajić (II4), who took 4th place in the 100m race.
Also participating in the competition were Mina Mitrović (I2) in the 100m and Anja Rakić (II4) in the long jump.
The mentor for the students was Radmila Mandić, prof.

“FIMEK rewards knowledge” final

Yesterday, our students won the quiz-competition “FIMEK rewards knowledge”!!! ????????????
They showed exceptional knowledge, commitment, team spirit, and won a trip to the European capital of their choice! ????????????

The team consisting of: Nikola Kantarević, Vuk Veličković, Katarina Kampfer and Maša Bućkoš, was the best of all the graduates from Vojvodina! In the final, they defeated competitors from
Gymnasium “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj” from Odžak and Gymnasium “Isidora Sekulić” from Novi Sad.

The pupils of IV1 and professors Slavica Ristić and Vezirka Dobardžić gave them immense support!
We are all proud of you!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! ????????????

the photos were taken from FIMEK’s FB page

Enrollment 2023/24

Department for students with special abilities for sports

Registration of students and submission of sports documentation for enrollment in the department for students with special abilities for sports will be done in the period from June 8 to June 10, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., at the Gymnasium “Borislav Petrov Braca” Vršac (Mihajla Pupina 1).

Among the necessary documents, the original certificate of sports results issued by the competent national sports federation in the Republic of Serbia must be submitted.

You can download the certificate on the portal https://www.mojasrednjaskola.gov.rs/Docs

Certificate of achieved sports results

Excerpt from the Rulebook on Enrollment in Secondary School