Sales exhibition of the humanitarian character of Bogdan Jovanović

On the occasion of World Autism Day on April 2, a sales exhibition of the humanitarian character of Bogdan Jovanović, a visual artist with autism, was organized in the hall of our school. Our students collected a total of 21,000.00 dinars by selling t-shirts, notebooks, badges, pictures, postcards, mugs and caps in a period of several days. The collected money is intended for the purchase of a computer for Bogdan’s even better work.
Regardless of diversity, functional impairments, people with autism can be employed with assistance. In this way, the high school students from Vršac showed their maturity in developing social entrepreneurship because they assisted Bogdan with price formation, administrative work and management and provided full support for him to provide himself with the means to buy a computer from his own work and with his own potential.
Everyone can be socially useful. With this sales exhibition of printed files on objects made of ceramics, plastic, paper, fabric, Bogdan proved that regardless of the fact that he was deprived of his ability to work, he has his dignity, that he can make money for himself and that he is capable of something. This is just one in a series of actions. We will continue to fight for the future of people with autism, their happiness and a better quality of life in the community.
The collected money was handed over by the representatives of the Student Parliament of our school to Bogdan’s mother, Danijela Jovanović, who is also the founder of the association #AutizamJužniBanat
Thank you to everyone for the immense support, department IV2, for the engagement during the installation and sale of the mentioned items, especially Mili Glamočlija, Tamara Brujić, Dana Filipović, whom we also thank for the wonderful photos!