International Day of Forests

Students of class IV1: Maša Bućkoš, Katarina Kampfer, Anđela Petrović and Vuk Veličković, under the mentorship of prof. of biology Slavica Ristić, on Tuesday, March 21, marked the International Day of Forests. They were joined by the students of I4, who, through thematic interactive lectures, renewed existing and acquired new knowledge related to the importance of healthy forests, the ways in which people relate to this precious natural resource, the possibilities of preserving nature on the planet, how each of us can contribute to it your contribution, etc.
The International Day of Forests has been celebrated every March 21 since 2012, and this year the focus is on the positive impact of forest ecosystems on human health.

World Poetry Day and manifestation March – the month of the Serbian language

On Tuesday, March 21, 2023, the World Poetry Day and the manifestation of March – the month of the Serbian language were marked at the Meeting Point, by organizing a meeting with the poet and professor of the Faculty of Philology, Boško Suvajdžić. The program was prepared by our high school students with their teacher of Serbian language and literature Danijela Mareš Đilas and students of the School of Chemistry and Medicine with their mentor Marija Vasić Kanački. Our students Zorana Bogosavljević (IV-2), Dunja Mak (IV-3) and Bogosav Vidaković (IV-2) presented their lecture “Language in the service of poetry” – dealing with the concepts of mother tongue and poetic language and peculiarities of the lexicon and poetic images in to the poetry of Boško Suvajdžić. Fine art illustration by Aleksandra Mršić (II-1) and music points on the piano by Aleksandar Jovčić (II-1) made this extremely successful and well-attended evening more beautiful. Congratulations to all program participants!