Charity New Year’s tournaments

On the initiative of the students of our school, true lovers of football and volleyball, with the support of active teachers of physical education, as well as members of the Student Parliament, on December 23, Humanitarian New Year’s tournaments were held.
The volleyball match was particularly attractive because the students played against the professors, while the soccer part of the program started a little later and had a tournament character. 4 teams were made at grade level, fourth graders fought for third place against first graders, while second graders played against third graders in the final. The third grade won first place, which is certainly less important, because the goal of the matches was to draw attention to donating funds for those who need help the most at this moment. After the matches, organized as part of the Humanitarian New Year’s Tournament, the director handed out cups to all teams, with congratulations for the fair play shown, for promoting values such as solidarity and humanity. We would like to thank all the participants, fans, donors, and all nurturers of sportsmanship! Thanks to our professors, everyone who participated in the organization.

Awards ceremony and exhibition on the occasion of the competition “Japan and Serbia 140 years of friendship – What unites us?”

Awards ceremony and exhibition on the occasion of the competition “Japan and Serbia 140 years of friendship – What unites us?” was held on Thursday, December 22, in the Studio of the Millennium Center in Vršac.

Our students won the following places in the art competition:

4 categories: Lara Despotovski 2nd place, Sara Milenkovic 2nd place, Stefan Seratlić 3rd place;

5 categories: Marija Putnik 1st place, Vuk Stojanović 2nd place, Anja Nikolić 2nd place, Elena Hodri 3rd place. Mentor: Ivana Milošević, prof.

As many as 877 works from 36 cities in Serbia were submitted to the competition. The exhibition was officially opened by the Counselor of the Embassy of Japan, Mr. Tecuja Cubota, and the awarded professor Ljiljana Marković, Ph.D., congratulated the awardees. The awards were presented by the director of the “Borislav Petrov Braca” Gymnasium, Mrs. Tamara Pešić, the program was led by the actress Tamara Tamči Toskić.

Cultural and artistic program dedicated to the winter holidays

22. decembra u velikom amfiteatru Gimnazije, održan je kulturno-umetnički program posvećen zimskim praznicima.

Događaj je uveličan prisustvom gostiju: Miroslav Lepir, član gradskog veća za obrazovanje, Trajan Kačina, član gradskog veća za kulturu , Snežana Oluški, koordinator školske uprave Zrenjanin , George Dinu, generalni konzul Rumunije u Vršcu. Programu su prisustvovali direktori škola: Marizel Kempjan, direktor OŠ “Olga Petrov Radišić” iz Vršca, Mirča Boldovina,direktor OŠ ”Koriolan Doban” iz Kuštilja i Jelena Bešlin, direktorka ŠOSO”Jelena Varjaški” iz Vršca.

Direktorka naše škole Tamara Pešić je pozdravila goste, kolege, roditelјe i učenike.Prisutnima su se obratili i Miroslav Lepir, konzul George Dinu a program povodom Božića blagoslovio je otac Florenciu Ianeš

U programu su učestvovali svi učenici koji pohađaju nastavu na rumunskom nastavnom jeziku I5, II5, III5, i IV5. Mentori učenicima su bili profesori: Sorin Ianeš, Mariana Golomeić, Roksana Činč, Romanca Varađan i Margareta Kožokar.

Project “Badminton Section in Gymnasium”

In the period from May to December of this year, the project “Badminton Section in High School” was implemented in the school, which was financed, among other things, by the Provincial Secretariat for Sports and Youth.
All the students of the school had the opportunity to get acquainted with the basic techniques of movement and strikes in this sport during physical education and health education classes. In this way, besides badminton itself, healthy lifestyles, recreational and sports activities in general became popular among students. The planned activities were organized in cooperation with the Badminton Club “Fanatik” from Vršac.
At the very end of the project, on December 19, under the coordination of our professors, active members of physical and health education, a tournament was organized among students in the following 5 categories: girls’ singles, men’s singles, girls’ doubles, men’s doubles and mixed. The mentioned competition was held in a pleasant and fair-play atmosphere, and at the end of it we received winners in all categories: women’s singles: 1st place – Sara Momirov, 2nd place – Mina Mitrović, 3rd place – Ksenija Smoljan;
single men: 1st place – Bojan Pajović, 2nd place – Marius Điban, 3rd place – Marko Tankosić;
women’s doubles: 1st place – Sara Momirov and Mina Mitrović, 2nd place – Ksenija Smoljan and Nađa Rankov, 3rd place – Jelena Ilić and Nevena Filipović; men’s doubles: 1st place – Marijus Điban and Bojan Pajović, 2nd place – Aleksa Milosavljević and Mateja Caran, 3rd place – Marko Tankosić and Nikola Nedeljković; mixed: 1st place – Sara Momirov and Marko Tankosić, 2nd place – Mina Mitrović and Bojan Pajović and 3rd place – Nikola Nedeljković and Ksenija Smoljan.
We congratulate everyone on their participation, as well as on their placements and prizes!

Regional competition in Zrenjanin

Our basketball players won third place in the regional competition. The competition was held on Friday, December 9 in Zrenjanin.

The following performed for the school:

Jelena Grujin (II3), Dunja Drakulić (II3), Sara Momirov (I2), Jana Sovilj (II3), Ana Perić (I2), Ana Zec (I1), Sara Đurić (IV4), Anja Mitrašinović (III4), Marija Graovac (III4)!

The basketball players were mentored by Dragana Danilović, prof.

District level basketball competition

The district level competition for male and female basketball players was held on December 5 and 6. On the first day at the Millenium Center in Vršac, the basketball girls took first place and the basketball boys took second place.

The 3×3 basketball competition was held the next day, in Alibunar. The basketball players took first place and advanced to the interdistrict level of the competition! The men’s team took second place.