On the initiative of Josif Jovanović – Šakabenta, at the end of the 18th century (1790 year) the Grammar School (Latin junior high school) was founded. With the Gymnasium in Karlovci, it was also the highest school at that time institution among the Serbs. It provided free education in Serbian and Romanian youth. The gymnasium, in its rich tradition, was a port of maintenance of Serbs in Hungary and a nursery of young progressive people of that time. For the needs of the Gymnasium, a separate building was built in 1895 Gymnasium relocated in 1983.

Respectable and successful people who graduated from high school in Vršac:

  • academics: prof. Dr. Zlatibor Petrović, prof. Dr. Alexander Fira, prof. Dr. Petar Vlahović, prof. Dr. Stevan Petrović
  • poets: Vasko Popa, Florika Štefan, Petra Krdu
  • writers Radomir Putnik, Dušan Belča, Olga Ostojić Belca
  • actress Rada Djuricin
  • painters: Paja Jovanović, Arnold Karanji, Karel Napravnik, Johan Vilhem, Vilma Lerman, Aleksandar Virag, Ekaterina Risticijev, Svetislav Vuković.

About school

The main characteristic of our school is that it is bilingual, it is taught performed in Serbian and Romanian language of instruction. The school is located in in the border zone, near the border with Romania multiculturalism, as well as multiconfessionalism. They are studied here English, German, French foreign languages, and since 1997 students have the possibility to learn Italian as a second foreign language. Since 1994 In 2008, we twinned with the College ″Konstantin Dijakonovič Loga″ and Serbian theoretical high school ″Dositej Obradović″ from Timisoara.

Space: Classes take place in 26 classrooms, there is a gymnasium, a gym, a library with 8,500 books, an amphitheater with 200 seats and a school club.

Employees at “Borislav Petrov Braca” high school

Num.Name and surname  Professional qualifications level  Workplace Occupation
1Tamara PešićVII1Directorgrad. pedagogue
2Maja Rajković  VII1associate  grad. pedagogue  
3Katarina Ljubičić Ilkić  VII1professor of Serbian language and literature professor of Serbian language and literature 
4Igor Lazaroj  VII1professor of computing and informatics professor of computing and informatics  
5Antonela Dan  VII1English professor  English professor 
6Đurica Jokić  VII1the librarian professor of defense and protection 
7Marijana Golomeić  VII1professor of Latin and Romanian language  professor of Latin and Romanian language  
8Ljupka Grgin  VII1professor of Serbian language and literature  professor of Serbian language and literature
9Olivera Pantović  VII1professor of Serbian language and literature  professor of Serbian language and literature 
10Danijela Mareš – Ćilas  VII1professor of Serbian language and literature professor of Serbian language and literature
11Maja Trnjančev  VII1English professor  English professor 
12Svetlana Sturza  VII1English professor  English professor
13Sanja Milenković  VII1English professor English professor  
14Marina Petrović  VII1professor of German language  professor of German language  
15  Jasna Vulku,VII1professor of German language  professor of German language 
16Biljana KojićVII1professor of German language  professor of German language 
17Slađana Granić  VII1professor of German language  professor of German language
18Romanca Varađan  VII1professor of French  Romanian and French language professor  
19Veronika Stefan  VII1professor of French    professor of French   
20Lidija Kampfer  VII1professor of Italian language  professor of Italian language  
21Aneta Svera  VII1professor of French    professor of French    
22Margareta Kožokar  VII1professor of Latin and Romanian language  professor of Romanian language and literature
23Snežana Đenić  VII1sociology professor sociology professor 
24Vera Repac  VII1professor of philosophy  professor of philosophy  
25Kornelija Kurja  VII1professor of philosophy Professor of Marxism 
26Viorika Starović  VII1professor of psychology professor of psychology
27Slobodan Lauš  VII1history professor history professor  
28Neven Daničić  VII1history professor  history professor  
29Danijela Barbu  VII1history professor  history professor  
30Jelena Ličina  VII1professor of geography  professor of geography 
31Desanka Vasić – Samoila  VII1professor of geography  professor of geography  
32Iluca Pančovan  VII2professor of geography M. of Geography 
33Marija Ćirić  VII1professor of biology  professor of biology  
34Vezirka Dobardžić  VII1professor of chemistry  professor of chemistry  
35Esad Dobardžić  VII1professor of chemistry  professor of chemistry  
36Anđela Spasić  VII1professor of physics professor of physics 
37Dojna Ardeljan  VII1Professor of Mathematics  Professor of Mathematics 
38Danka Višnjić  VII1Professor of Mathematics  Professor of Mathematics 
39Ljubica Rankov – Pejn  VII1Professor of Mathematics Professor of Mathematics
40Momir Ristanić  VII1Professor of MathematicsProfessor of Mathematics
41Goran Nikolić  VII1professor of computer science and informatics professor of computer science and informatics 
42Tiberiu Krdu  VII1professor of computer science and informatics  professor of computer science and informatics 
43Aleksandar Tot  VII1professor of computer science and informatics professor of computer science and informatics 
44Slavica Ranković  VII1art professor  art professor
45Marina Kliska  VII1professor of musical culture professor of musical culture 
46Anđelija Stojanović  IVGraduate student of the Academy of Music  professor of musical culture  
47Roksana  Činč  VII1professor of musical cultureprofessor of musical culture
48Nevena Čolakov  VII1art professormr. likovne kulture  
49Ivana Milošević  VII1art professorart professor
50Dragana Danilović  VII1physical education teacher physical education teacher
51Euđen Čebzan Zeman  VII1physical education teacher physical education teacher  
52Radmila Mandić  VII1physical education teacherphysical education teacher 
53Olivera Nišević  VIprofessor of religious studiesengineer of technology for ecology  
54Sorin  Janeš  VII1professor of religious studies  graduate theologian  
55Slavica Ristić  VII1professor of biology  graduate biologist  
56Ružica Dan  VII1professor of biology  graduate biologist
57Sandra Vojičić  VII1professor of physics  graduate astrophysicist 
58Adonis Ardelean  VII1professor of chemistry  professor of chemistry  
60Anđela Spasić  VII2professor of physics  Master of Physical Sciences  
61Marko Kosović  VII1professor of physics  graduate meteorologist 
62Tatjana Miletić  VII1professor of biology  professor of biology
63Dragiša Radivojević  VII1school secretary  Bachelor of Laws  
64Jovanka Petrov  IVHead Accountant  Economic technician
65Emina Tot  IVAdministrative worker – cashier  vocational school  
66Mitar Novaković  IVrepairman  worker  
67Ljubica Kapelj  IVhygienist worker
68Gordana Avramov  IIhygienistworker
69Marija Šebešćan  Ihygienistworker
70Slobodanka Marković  IIhygienistworker
71Maja Avramov  IVhygienistworker
72Nataša Petrović  IIIhygienist  worker

Bell schedule

0. period07:10 – 07:55
1. period08:00 – 08:45
2. period08:50 – 09:35
20 minutes break
3. period09:55 – 10:40
4. period10:45 – 11:30
15 minutes break
5. period11:45 – 12:30
6. period12:35 – 13:20
7. period13:25 – 14:20
8. period14:25 : 15:10